Masons’ Arms
1839 to 1867. William Milsom

Railway Inn
(Hotel from around 1890)
1867 - 71. William Milsom
1871 to 1873. Sarah Smith Haskins
1873 to 1893. Andrew Fidler
1893 - 99. Sarah Fidler
1901 - 04. Thomas Jakeways
1909. Stanley Jones
1911 - 25. Alfred George Trubody
1928 - 31. Edith Mary Trubody
1935 - 50. Edward Williams
1953 - 56. Albert E. Huggins

Peckett’s Flyer
1975. G. Hooper (manager)

Much of the information on the Railway Inn was provided by Dave Milsom.  “My 3X great grandfather, William Milsom, operated the Masons Arms on Tyning Lane at least from 1839, possibly from 1836 to 1871. About 1867 - 68, he changed the name to the Railway Inn. About the same time, the street name was changed from Tyning Lane to Station Road. William died 9 May 1871 after falling down the cellar stairs at the pub. The Inn passed to his widowed daughter Sarah Smith Haskins. In 1873, she remarried, this time to Andrew Fidler, and the pub was then in his name. He died in 1893 and the pub returned to Sarah, now Sarah Fidler. About 1901, the pub was in Thomas Jakeways name (unrelated to the Milsoms as far as I know) It is still in business now as the Railway Tavern. I have been told that it was called Peckett’s Flyer in the 1980's but don't know that for sure but would like to know the approximate dates”.

CENSUS 1841.
Tyning Lane
William Milsom 30, beer retailer, born in county
Sarah Milsom 35, born in county
Rachel Milsom 15, born in county
Eliza Milsom 13, born in county
George Milsom 10, born in county
Sarah Milsom 3, born in county
Elizabeth Milsom 1, born in county

CENSUS 1851.
Tyning Lane (Masons’ Arms)
William Milsom 47, head married, beer retailer & brewer, Somerset Keynsham
Sarah Milsom 47, wife married, Gloucestershire St.George
George Milsom 19, son unmarried, beer retailer, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Henry Milsom 17, son unmarried, beer retailer, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Sarah Milsom 13, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Elizabeth Milsom 11, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Francis Milsom 7, son scholar, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Charles Milsom 6, son scholar, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Rachel Watkins 4, granddaughter scholar, Gloucestershire Stapleton

CENSUS 1871.
William Milsom 67, head widower, inn keeper, Keynsham
Francis W. S. Milsom 27, son unmarried, Fishponds
Sarah Milsom 14, visitor, Fishponds
William Milsom 6, visitor, Fishponds

CENSUS 1881.
Station Road (Railway Inn)
Andrew Fidler 43, head married, licensed victualler, Fishponds
Sarah Fidler 43, wife married, Fishponds
Thomas Haskins 19, son in law unmarried, plumber, Stellenbosh South Africa
William Haskins 17, son in law unmarried, plumber, East Bengal India
George Haskins 13, son in law scholar, East Bengal India
Florence A. Fidler 4, daughter, Fishponds Gloucestershire
Amelia Cleaver 20, servant unmarried, servant (Inn), Tetbury Gloucestershire

CENSUS 1891.
Andrew Fidler 54, head married, inn keeper, Fishponds
Sarah Fidler 54 , wife married, Fishponds
Florence Fidler 15, daughter, Fishponds
Rhoda Andrews 18, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Coalpit Heath

CENSUS 1901.
Railway Hotel
Thomas Jakeways 47, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Nailsea
Eleanor A. Jakeways 47, wife married, Somerset Nailsea
Sarah Jakeways 73, mother widow, Somerset Nailsea

CENSUS 1911.
Railway Hotel
Alfred George Trubody 35, head married, licensed victualler, Bitton Parish Gloucestershire
Edith Mary Trubody 28, wife married, Radstock Somerset
Doris Eugene Trubody 3, daughter, Keynsham Somerset
Daisy Elizabeth Williams 17, servant single, Radstock Somerset

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